lainchan webring.

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getimiskon's space MayVaneDay Studios Dead End Shrine Online Chaox galladite interloper minimalist services

Q: Why is my banner static?
A: I am sorry, that was done on purpose to reduce the visual clutter that comes with a lot of animated banners.
I made sure your website's banner is readable, though, but in case it isn't, feel free to contact me.

Q: You feature some websites I disagree with! Do you support them?
A: Not necessarily. Featuring a website on the webring does not indicate my support for its content. It is simply my duty as a part of a webring.
I could exclude them since it is a decentralized webring but I don't see the point: the Lainchan webring is supposed to reflect the actual audience of the imageboard (which is pretty diverse) so trying to make the webring page as clean as a hospital really makes no sense to me.
Moreover, it is already quite clean as is: most of the webmasters featured on Lainring are adequate and reasonable people.